"The services Courtney Consulting Solution has given us has been nothing short of PHENOMINAL. Your help with the process from beginning to end has jump started our venture in obtaining government contracts and partnering relationships with other vendors. You completely understand the obstacles that are in front of us and are able to communicate to us in such a way that make these obstacles seem small. We appreciate your willingness to go far beyond what our plan was with CCS. Your can do attitude as well as your deep knowledge of how to do business with the government are both assets that make it very easy for us to recommend Courtney Consulting Solutions to anyone interested in doing business with the government."
Keith J. Zipper, Owner - Energy Reduction Solutions, Inc.

Training to sell to the federal government


Organizational Training

Organizational Training Government Services meetingIf you have been reading other areas of our site, you understand we are adamant about training. You must have the know-how to succeed, which will build you confidence and win you sales. If you choose to use us for partial or full services, you will understand the process and the importance. We understand you have a business to run and we are tactful in our approach.

If you designate an individual in your organization to handle government work, we will teach them how to keep your registrations current, involve them in the solicitation process because they will be maintaining it for auditing purposes, ensure they know how to pitch their products or services to the buyer and have an overall strategic direction for sales. Sometimes we see companies hire a mid level person and we can train them up. After a year of working together on average, they are now your company’s subject matter expert.

Organizational Training GSA Consulting ServicesIf you are a small business, we prefer to work with a founder or leader in the company, as they should be the subject matter experts in their organization. This way we produce a train-the-trainer mentality. The small business leader will know how to educate his sales force and be part of the process so he/she knows how to use and maintain this competitive advantage. We usually require about 5 hours a week for the first 2.5 months of working together then time tapers a bit. We are also willing to host classes to teach an organization the how tos.

If you are a manufacturer or a large company with dealer/distributer networks, we can train your top sales representatives on how to sell to the government and ease their apprehension and fear of the unknown. If your sales arms are educated, this means more revenue for your company. Often times we at CCs travel to the clients location of choice and host a two hour training session at least once and sometimes twice if needed.

If you are a company and you want to host a class on How to Do Business with the Government, we can arrange this with you. You will leave with the understanding of who the players are, the market, ways to enter the market, how to differentiate yourself and how to sell what you wish to offer. A two-hour block is recommended to include questions and answers. Contact us if you are interested in an overview from an insider’s perspective.