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Federal Market RegistrationFederal law requires that any company doing business with the government must be registered in various systems that are all interconnected. Some of the information required is very basic while some can be quite complicated to understand. Often times firms ask if they should hire a lawyer because they do not know how to answer various questions that are regulatory in nature. We know the meaning behind the questions and ensure you are in compliance. You fill out a basic form for us and we do the rest. We learn about your company so we can ‘code’ you correctly which means the right opportunities will come your way versus random requests for business outside your scope. What takes a novice user about a month to complete takes us about 10 hours. Create and sustain a competitive advantage in the government marketplace. CCS will let the government know your company exists! Outsource your government needs to a well qualified team. The way you place information in the required systems is strategic in nature.  Are you coded the way the competition is and the way federal buyers seek qualified businesses to do work? Are your key terms compatible with government phraseology?  If you have a GSA contract, are you in federal compliance?  Spending time on this with someone who knows how to answer the questions in order to obtain business is important.