How to sell to the Federal Government
overview of selling to the Federal Government
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Overview of process of selling to the government.The process of selling to the government is based on a fairly predictable consulting pattern. In many cases, some functional areas can be worked simultaneously. Our methodology assumes that all functional areas depicted need to be accomplished in order to fully position a client up for success. However, each client is different and some prefer to start with a Government Strategic Business Assessment to determine the probability of success in this marketplace, short and long-term goals and who to target the sales of their products/services to. Others may need help with registrations and a bit of marketing guidance to start them off. Then they may wish to pursue a GSA MAS contract to competitively position themselves as a pre approved fixed price contract holder with the government. If you offer products or services that have environmental or social attributes, we can quantify those for you and make a powerful statement to the government that your offerings should be bought first. Lastly, throughout the process we are training your personnel every step of the way so your organization can become the subject matter expert. When complete, you will not only have the right tools in place, but the know how as well.

We typically work in one of three ways with a client.  The first is a full scope to include GSA, business planning, marketing/messaging, training and opportunity bids.  This usually takes 12 months.  The second is for a company that does not want a GSA just yet or has one in place and is looking for strategic direction-this is a four month process.  This includes business planning; marketing/messaging, training, opportunity bids and sometimes GSA contract modifications. The third is for a client that worked with CCS for the 12 or four-month option and is looking for more assistance with business development-usually a retainer/as needed basis.  With much experience working with clients from just about every industry, these methods work the best for one on one consult and produce the best results.