"LSI, having had prior experience obtaining a GSA contract, understood the difficulties of putting a winning proposal together...LSI made a decision to outsource...Erica literally took the time consuming level of efforts out of our hands. The results were a quicker than normal award at a reasonable price. Less than two months elapsed since the contract award and LSI already has been awarded a significant e-buy award and has several others in work. LSI is especially pleased with her performance-as well as the outcome."
Roy J. Langlais, Vice President - LSI

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Federal Marketing

Federal MarketingLooking for government work? One of the first questions asked by government contractors and GSA auditors is “How are you marketing yourself to the government?” Do you have an answer? As in advertising, public speaking and sales you must know your audience. Do you know what they are looking for? Most of the time we encounter firms from very well established Fortune 500 Companies with their own internal marketing departments down to a small businesses answering with a simple, “No”. That is OK, this is why we are here.

We have people in CCS who used to be the federal buyer and have heard every pitch you could imagine from vendors trying to sell their products or services. If they were lucky enough to get their foot in the door they had about 10 minutes to show the buyer they knew how to play the game. It was apparent, quickly, those that knew how to pitch and those who missed the mark never to be given a chance again. Government Contracting Officers and End Users have different motivations for choosing vendors and you must be able to hover down on the needs of both.

Selling To The Federal GovernmentCCS will learn about your company through in depth analysis and provide you text suggestions for some very basic marketing materials to include a leave behind, your web site, business cards and if on GSA, a Terms and Conditions document that speaks to federal buyers in their own language. We will not only provide text, but graphically design these documents so you present yourself in a clean, professional manner. You may choose to use your own designers but the option is available if needed. Your company will have documents to help them pitch to a potential buyer. Short, sweet and powerful. As in any of our service offerings, you will have the tools and the know how so you have the confidence to win. We offer Federal marketing assistance to businesses both large and small. If you want to get government contracts and sell to the federal government you have come to the right place. Our Federal Government consultants will assist you right from the start and walk you through the process.