When a business owner asks, "Where do I start?" We take over.



Team CCS Federal Government ConsultantsCCS officially incorporated in 2008 but its founders have been advising clients on how to do business with the government long before the company’s inception. Originally based out of Jacksonville, Florida, we now have an east and west coast presence with the headquarters located in the San Francisco bay area. We have clients nationwide making billions to small businesses earning less that $100,000. CCS has also developed partnerships with various government service firms to assist them and their clients in developing government opportunities from the initial stages of client development.

What we found in this marketplace is that most firms want their clients to jump headfirst midpoint without understanding or completing the necessary initial steps required for effective government sales. That never works. You can never win a race by entering mid point? Can you truly compete with others that took the time to get it right up front? We also found many generic firms offering GSA services but they too fail to look at the whole picture and clients often leave more confused then when they started. Because of the lack of qualified consultants and shady service offerings we knew we could do better. We are entrepreneurs at heart-not regulatory types. We brought our business, military, sustainable and government contracting backgrounds to CCS and tied them together with ease.

Selling To The Federal GovernmentWhen a business owner asks, “Where do I start?” We take over.  We sit down with a client, listen, and look at their company’s products, services, market, opportunities, competencies and competition with an eye on future opportunities.  CCS can suggest new products, services or business strategies that will make the company more attractive to a federal buyer.  We find a niche and make sure you are one of four mandatory sources of supply in which the government has to buy from before going on the ‘outside’.  CCS gives you a competitive edge so you are not one of several thousand competing for the same dollars.