GSA Schedules



Federal Market RegistrationGeneral Services Administration (GSA) Schedules are the government’s preferred contracting mechanism. Across the board, all federal agencies use fixed price contracting (a GSA award means you have established a long-term fixed price contract with the government meaning you have been pre screened for competency, compliance, capacity and pricing that is fair and reasonable) more than any other contracting form because it reduces their risk and oversight needed. GSA’s customer is the federal buyer. See their Value Proposition Leaflet which outlines why a federal buyer should use GSA as the contracting mechanism. Their sales increase about 6.6% annually and over $37.5B in sales were captured through GSA contracts in 2009. They are the federal governments largest procurement arm. Over time, GSA has become understaffed and their contracting officers are overworked. They are looking for a reason to reject more vendors from entering the space. Don’t give them one.

GSA PlanBasically the agency/buyer will save money, have flexibility, save time, achieve transparency and control the procurement. Becoming a vendor within GSA means you have a tool in place to make it easy for the buyer to choose you over others who have not been pre screened. Any company large or small that is successful in the government marketplace is most likely listed within GSA. Being on ‘Schedule’ is the only way a small business can really compete. Additionally, if you are a large firm, you may be loosing out on business to your competitors if they are pre-positioned. Obtaining a GSA award is not easy and is a lengthy process. Going it alone usually results in years of frustration, no award and thousands of lost dollars and hours. Outsourcing this task to experienced professionals will save you valuable resources. With CCS, you will not only have tools such as a GSA Schedule, but the know how to use all means necessary to capture sales in your sector. Your firm will be confident and competitive. Our GSA Consultants are here to help your business large or small to sell to the Federal Government.